Andrei is constantly looking after disruptive ideas and creative corners, new challenges and smart opportunities.


That's how, in 2018, he joined a strong local entrepreneurial project, from pharma industry, after more than ten years spent in corporate world.

As Board Member, he challenged the status-quo, opened new horizons and empowered his peers and his team to build a sustainable growth.   


Cristina Patesan
Business Unit Director,

Secom Healthcare Group

Andrei is a true force in business, with incredible energy and power to lead people into challenges. Armed with bursting creativity and very diverse and rich business knowledge, he is a champion of innovation and change. 

Calin Clej
Marketing Director,
Sr.Commercial Lead

Andrei is a high caliber strategic thinker driven by amazing emotional intelligence mixed with down to earth professionalism. A real pleasure and a constant learning & discovery experience while working with Andrei!

Valentin Bancu
Associate Partner

Andrei is very creative when it comes to developing business plans and solving problems. Last, but not least, he has a great attitude, influencing everybody around him to be positive and increase performance.