I'm constantly looking after disruptive ideas and creative corners, new challenges and smart opportunities. That's how, in 2018, I've joined a strong local entrepreneurial project, from pharma industry.

As Board Member, I'm challenging the status-quo, opening new horizons and empowering my peers and my team to build a sustainable growth.                                      


Building sustainable growth

Experience is one of my biggest asset.

I've been part of several business areas in top companies, both multinational and entrepreneurial. And I had my business challenges.

They made me realize how important it is to be strong on your feet, to act fast but smart and to keep a helicopter-view.

I've been part of top FMCG corporations. For more than 10 years I ran both marketing and sales operations, as part of Leadership or middle-management teams.  


I've had a strong experience as CEO of the biggest local handmade marketplace. Together with an outstanding team, we've built a solid growth vision, that continues to bring value to the local community.


Adrian Baban

Head of Sales Home App,

Samsung Electronics

Andrei has a positive mindset and is able to balance a multitude of leadership roles in order to make the needed changes to drive the brand and total business.

Calin Clej

Marketing Director,

Sr.Commercial Lead

Andrei is a high caliber strategic thinker driven by amazing emotional intelligence mixed with down to earth professionalism. A real pleasure and a constant learning & discovery experience while working with Andrei!

Valentin Bancu

Engagement Manager


Andrei is very creative when it comes to developing business plans and solving problems. Last, but not least, he has a great attitude, influencing everybody around him to be positive and increase performance.

Brand Architecture.

Consumer Understanding.

New Business Development.


All these were the main ingredients of the most important professional project that I had so far, Good Routine. Secom's first own brand of food supplements.